• Leroy H. Barnard, Camp Commander, Camp NF-7 (Wolf Gap, VA), Aug. 5, 1936

After World War II, Major Barnard worked in the Department of Justice as an Executive Officer in the Investigation Division as part of the Tokyo War Crimes. A collection of primary resources related to his actions are held by the UVA Law Library as part of their International Military Tribunal for the Far East collection.

  • Ralph Happel, Historian Jr., Camp MP-4 (Wilderness, VA), Mar. 3, 1938

Authored one of the first histories of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County
Battlefields Memorial National Military Park dated 1955. It is possible that Happel’s work was the work of its kind within the National Park Service.

  •  Lewis G. Heider, Project Superintendent, Camp NP-1, Aug. 25, 1939


Most likely b. 1886 and d. 1969 and buried in Woodland Cemetery in Stamford, CT. Likely enlisted in the military during WWII and became a Lt. Col.

  • Roger J. Hudson, Senior Engineering Foreman, Camp NP-1, Aug. 25, 1939

By 1944, Hudson worked as the Acting Chief, Repair and Construction Division, NPS National Capital Parks.

  • Ralph C. Ward, Jr., Foreman, Camp NP-1, Aug. 25, 1939

Served in the Army during WWII and enlisted at Fort Bragg on January 8, 1942. Born in NC in 1920.

  • Norman B. Krebs, Mechanic, Camp NP-1, Aug. 25, 1939

Likely b. Dec. 31, 1908 and d. Dec. 2, 1991.

  • Harry V. Maulding, Senior Foreman, Camp NP-2, Aug. 25, 1939

Born c. 1891 in Virginia. Lived at 3615 17th St. in Washington D.C. as of 1940.

  • Josiah Shepard, Senior Landscape Architecture Foreman, Camp NP-2, Aug. 25, 1939

Graduated from University of Maryland in 1934 with a degree in agriculture specializing in landscape architecture. As of Jun 1938, he lived at 5510 Wisconsin Ave. in Washington D.C.

  • Thomas A. Basnight, Jr., Mechanic, Camp NP-2, Aug. 25, 1939

Worked in 1952 as the Chief of Airway Operations Specialist in Air Traffic Control, Civil Aeronautics Division, Region 1, Aiways Operations Division, Facility Operations Branch, Washington D.C. He legally resided in North Carolina.